Matte discs and translucent drops

Woah, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post anything. I’ve been busy with a lot of freelance design work, but I’m still coming up with lots of new ideas! I’ve also started a lot of jewelry, but haven’t had the time to finish them completely! I was able to get the following two earring designs completed and managed to snap some quick shots as well:

black and gold disc earrings

This pair are tiny black matte discs with clear resin layered over a small channel filled with metallic copper colored resin. I like the contrast of the matte and the ultra shiny resin.

translucent drop with bead charms

For this pair I tried out sculpting some translucent drop shapes with a touch of clear resin at the bottom. To embellish them a bit,  I added some metallic beads that dangle in front of the drop.

There is one other pair that are completed, but the photos didn’t do them justice, so once I get a good shot of them, I’ll post ’em.

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