Made in Japan…now on Etsy!

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Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just opened up a shop on Etsy!

To check it out, just click right here! Or click on the link to the right in the sidebar!👉

It all kind of came about in an unexpected way. On a whim, I happened to see a call to artists to submit portraits of a foster puppy that had been featured on The Dogist Instagram account. There was only one more day before the deadline, and for some reason, I really wanted to try painting the cute pup for fun! So I started a piece right away and sent it in with hours to spare! It wasn’t a contest or anything–but they did post entries on an affiliated account. It was fun seeing all the different interpretations of Finn (the puppy.)

It was a lot of fun to paint the piece, and I really hadn’t painted many animals in the past. Soon after, I was trying to think of a special ‘thank you’ gift for someone, and a friend suggested I paint a portrait of his dog. I thought it was a really unique and great idea! Again, I had a ton of fun painting the piece and my friend seemed to like the results. 😉

Now I was hooked! I painted portraits of our two family dogs (you can see them here) and to expand beyond doggos, I also painted a kitten and bunny!

Recently, I was also commissioned to paint a dog portrait for someone who had sadly lost their dog this year.

In the past, friends had asked if I sold some other pieces I had created and posted online and on social media. I would usually just end up gifting them instead. But after seeing more and more artists offering their work on social media, I thought why not try it myself?

I had already found a fantastic local printer when I had prints and canvases made earlier, so I decided to put together my own Etsy shop! For now, it’ll focus on custom pet portraits and maybe some prints. But in the future I’ll think about offering a variety of things I love to create–such as other types of artwork, sculpts or jewelry. Stay tuned!

Hope you’ll take a moment and check out my shop!


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