Couldn’t resist…

Gus portrait

After painting Curly and Finn a few months ago (see previous post here), I decided to paint my two family dogs! Gus and Meshak were the best little guys! So different, but each had so much personality!

We got Gus as a Christmas gift for my Dad. Super cute as a puppy and cute as an adult, but he could be a stubborn little jerk sometimes…and would drive my poor dad nuts.😂

Meshak portrait

Meshak’s story is a little interesting…

One day my dad was taking Gus to the Vet, and was sitting in the waiting room. Meshak came in with his owner, and immediately jumped up on the couch and sat next to my dad! Turns out his owner was a Pastor and felt bad leaving Meshak alone all day. She had been looking for someone who could give him more attention. He seemed lonely and wouldn’t eat and was quite thin. Since Meshak took an immediate liking to my Dad, she asked if he would like to see if he got along with Gus and take him home. My dad really liked Meshak too, so we did a trial stay. Both dogs got along, so we kept him! Meshak was the sweetest and best-behaved dog! He and Gus were like The Odd Couple–Meshak was like Felix and Gus was like Oscar.😆🐶

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