Clear Resin Pendant with Aqua and Gold

A friend really liked the Tiny Clear Earrings With Aqua and Gold I had posted earlier, and asked if I had a pendant that went with the earrings. I didn’t have one, so I created a custom pendant for her to make up a set.

aqua and gold pendant front views

Here are a couple of photos of the front of the pendant. I included two shots since the lighting on the right image shows that the resin is actually clear. (too much glare in the outdoor shots!)

The rectangular piece is clear resin with tiny aqua glass beads and tiny gold beads floating inside. Instead of simply attaching a bail to the top of a resin, I decided to sculpt an asymmetric piece that covers one corner of the resin. I used polymer clay and embedded some wire at the top to act as a bail. Metallic powder was applied to give the clay an antiqued gold look, and finished it with some clear resin embellishments.

Here are some additional shots of the pendant from different angles:

aqua and gold pendant left

aqua and gold pendant right

aqua and gold pendant back

It was a bit of a challenge to create a snug fit between the resin and the corner piece, but well worth it to give it a different look. I hope she likes it!



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3 Responses to Clear Resin Pendant with Aqua and Gold

  1. Frank

    Thanks for making those for Cristina, Pam! Looks great! I took a shot of them on the cool little display package (though my quick little shot isn’t staged and shot as beautifully as the pics you took. Those are really nice photos as well, by the way).
    I told Cristina that she has to write a blog, because she’s always helping other moms with homeschooling and stuff, but she can also blog about other things. Anyway, as soon as it’s up she can start pimping your jewelry.

    • admin

      It was my pleasure! I hope she likes them! So the package arrived already?! That was sure quick!!!
      Thanks for the kind words about my photography…you’d laugh if you saw my ‘studio’ set up…(consists of crouching down on my deck trying to get the pieces in the right light and at times holding the camera in one hand.)
      She should start a blog, especially if she’s already giving out lots of advice and tidbits of good info to people. Although, she is already pretty busy, and as you know, keeping up a blog can be kind of time-consuming. She can at least try it out and see how it goes.
      I want to see the pix you took! Email it to me!!!! Thanks! 🙂

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