Mustard Seed Pendants

Recently, a good friend of mine asked if I would create a pendant for her niece. The only thing she requested was that it contain a single mustard seed, and the text, “all things are possible.’ I wasn’t familiar with mustard seed pendants at all. She suggested I do a search online to see what is out there, but that she didn’t like any of them. She wanted me to create something unique and different.

round pendant angled view no text

I created this round version first. Originally I wanted to engrave the text, but found this extremely difficult on such a small piece. Reluctantly I had to cave and use printed text. The pendant was sculpted out of polymer clay and finished with a metallic powder. I dug out a channel on the side of the piece, inlaid the text then filled the channel with clear resin. The droplets on the front of the pendant are a combo of plain clear resin and some with resin mixed with a bit of metallic powder. I made the bail by using a link from a thick chain I had and wrapping it with some thinner wire to anchor it to the piece. The mustard seed is encased in clear resin inside a round hole that was cut through the entire piece.

Here are some other views:

round pendant angle text

round pendant front

round pendant back

After I finished sculpting the round pendant, I wasn’t quite sure I really felt confident in it. Another design popped into my head, so I created another pendant and decided I’d let my friend choose which she would like to give to her niece. This time I sculpted a rectangular shape with a metallic finish. Again I dug out a channel on the side of the piece, inlaid the text and encased it in clear resin. The mustard seed is also suspended in clear resin inside a round hole that runs through the piece. I embellished with a sculpted swirl and a single resin dot as an accent. The bail was created by taking a link from a chunky chain and secured with wire hidden inside the polymer clay.

square pendant front view

Here are a couple of other angles, showing the side with the inlaid text and the back of the piece.

square pendant angle text best

square pendant back angle

When it came time to show my friend the results, surprisingly she loved both and asked if she could take them all! She gave the round pendant to her niece and kept the rectangular pendant for herself. I felt very flattered by how excited she was with both of them (and a bit relieved.) She has even commissioned me for a couple more of them! Pretty cool!


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