Rectangular Mustard Seed Pendant

rectangular mustard seed pendant front
Here is the last of the commissioned mustard seed pendants I created. It all began last year when a good friend asked if I would create the pendants to give as gifts. She gave one to her daughter, one to her niece and kept one for herself. She then asked for one more to give as a gift so I decided to attempt a design I had sketched out when I started the others earlier in the year.

rectangular mustard seed pendant angle view
As with the others, it was sculpted from polymer clay and dusted with a copper metallic powder. The bail was harvested from a necklace that I had taken apart, then wrapped thin wire several times to one end of the chain link to anchor it in place. At the top of the rectangular window inside the pendant I had inserted a very fine chain so that only a couple of the small links protruded at the top. This provided a place to hang a small charm. The charm was made by encasing a single mustard seed within the middle of the resin, and embedding more of the tiny chain at the top of the resin to act as a very small bail. A jump ring attached the resin charm to the chain at the top of the insert cut into the pendant.

I had misjudged the size of the charm, so I had to sand it down in order to make it fit and be able to swing freely inside the cutout in the pendant. Once you sand it, you simply coat it again with a thin amount of more resin and cure it to give it a nice shine.

rectangular mustard seed pendant text side
As with the other pendants, a channel was carved into the side, and the text was inlaid, then encased in clear resin. To make the text more easy to read, I lined the bottom of the carved out area with white polymer clay before placing the printed text inside. As a final touch I added a couple of decorative drops of clear resin to the front of the pendant.

When I presented the finished pendant to my friend, I was relieved to hear that she was very pleased with the results!


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