Kung Fu Cake Kick!

kung fu cake kick

Here’s another illo I did for a friend of mine who celebrated his birthday in April. He used to get his exercise by being trained in Kung Fu by Shaolin monks! Pretty impressive! So, I decided to combine the two and came up with a girl destroying a slice of birthday cake with one swift Kung Fu kick!

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Mustard Seed Pendants

Recently, a good friend of mine asked if I would create a pendant for her niece. The only thing she requested was that it contain a single mustard seed, and the text, “all things are possible.’ I wasn’t familiar with mustard seed pendants at all. She suggested I do a search online to see what is out there, but that she didn’t like any of them. She wanted me to create something unique and different.

round pendant angled view no text

I created this round version first. Originally I wanted to engrave the text, but found this extremely difficult on such a small piece. Reluctantly I had to cave and use printed text. The pendant was sculpted out of polymer clay and finished with a metallic powder. I dug out a channel on the side of the piece, inlaid the text then filled the channel with clear resin. The droplets on the front of the pendant are a combo of plain clear resin and some with resin mixed with a bit of metallic powder. I made the bail by using a link from a thick chain I had and wrapping it with some thinner wire to anchor it to the piece. The mustard seed is encased in clear resin inside a round hole that was cut through the entire piece.

Here are some other views:

round pendant angle text

round pendant front

round pendant back

After I finished sculpting the round pendant, I wasn’t quite sure I really felt confident in it. Another design popped into my head, so I created another pendant and decided I’d let my friend choose which she would like to give to her niece. This time I sculpted a rectangular shape with a metallic finish. Again I dug out a channel on the side of the piece, inlaid the text and encased it in clear resin. The mustard seed is also suspended in clear resin inside a round hole that runs through the piece. I embellished with a sculpted swirl and a single resin dot as an accent. The bail was created by taking a link from a chunky chain and secured with wire hidden inside the polymer clay.

square pendant front view

Here are a couple of other angles, showing the side with the inlaid text and the back of the piece.

square pendant angle text best

square pendant back angle

When it came time to show my friend the results, surprisingly she loved both and asked if she could take them all! She gave the round pendant to her niece and kept the rectangular pendant for herself. I felt very flattered by how excited she was with both of them (and a bit relieved.) She has even commissioned me for a couple more of them! Pretty cool!


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March Madness

When March came around this year, I realized that I know a lot of people celebrating their birthdays that month. So, since I finally have a Wacom tablet that works properly, I decided to do birthday illos for some of them!

Happy Birthday Robot

I have been catching myself doodling a lot of robots lately, so I did this illo of a robot lighting up a birthday cake for a good friend of mine.

Happy Birthday Cupcake

This illo was for one of my guy friends. I wanted to do something a little cheeky, so I got the idea of a pole dancer swinging around an extraordinarily large cupcake candle.

Happy Birthday Anna's Perfect Man

This illo comprises the perfect guy for another good friend of mine. She loves the fruit tarts they sell at Vons grocery stores, loves wine (especially reds) and loves very thin, yet semi-muscular guys! So, I put them all together for her! She can pull a Praying Mantis with this guy!

I had a lot of fun creating these illos for my friends and am really enjoying the Wacom tablet! I hope my friends enjoyed these kind of bizarre images, but I think they expect that from me at this point.



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Ledge Earring Tests

Here are a couple of new earrings I created which have a sort of ledge on the front where resin was applied.

gold rounded rectangle earrings with resin ledge

This first pair are tiny rounded rectangles with an antiqued gold effect on them. The resin filling the ledge on the front is mixed with a bit of green metallic powder to give it a bit of shimmer.

gunmetal circle earring with resin ledge

The round pair above have a gunmetal grey metallic finish as the base with half circle antiqued copper metallic finish on top. The ledge on this pair is filled with resin tinted green with alcohol pigment. It’s a little hard to tell it’s green but the resin is extremely shiny, which catches the light really well. A single copper bead connects it all to the earring wire.

I like the effect of the resin sitting on a ledge in the clay, so I’ll definitely be trying out other variations in the near future.

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Happy Easter

Easter Domo

Domo is helping out the Easter Bunny this year, but it looks like he has some company!

This is the same Domo I originally sculpted out of polymer clay for my little Christmas tree.  His basket and eggs are also sculpted from polymer clay. The chicks were all found at a discount store. Not sure what one would do with these chicks, but I seem to have found use for them.

Now that all those chicks have discovered Domo, he’s going to have a lot of trouble hiding those eggs!



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Domo St Patricks Day

Domo’s back to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! With the luck of the Irish he managed to fine handfuls of four leaf clovers!

These particular fields of clover are a mix of sculpted polymer clay dusted with a light coat of metallic powder and smaller clovers that were cast resin mixed with a bit of green pigment and a dash of metallic powder.

Now that Domo found the four leaf clovers…now he’s off to find that pot of gold…

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Double Gold Hoops with Chains and Charms

double gold loops with chains and charms

These earrings were constructed out of several components. First I sculpted two hoop shapes in polymer clay and finished them with some metallic powder. Once again I harvested parts from necklaces and other jewelry that I take apart and reuse. This time I chose fine chains and some tiny round and oval charms. I attached the bottom gold hoop and the chains to a jump ring on the back of the top loop. Once attached to the back, the chains were gathered and threaded through the hole in the bottom hoop to weave the two hoops together.

There are a lot of textures and a lot of movement to these earrings, and I can see a lot of potential for variations on this basic design.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Domo Valentine

Putting Domo to work again to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  He’s holding bouquets of hearts sculpted from polymer clay that were dusted with metallic powder. The smaller hearts are red and pink tinted resin and have tiny clear glass beads embedded inside.  Floral wire wrapped with gold metallic ribbon are attached to the hearts.

Get outta the way– looks like he’s in a rush!

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Glamour and a Haul Pass

This is going to be a mashup of sorts…my first Haul Pass entry, but in a style that pays homage to one of my favorite artists I had growing up. First…what’s a Haul Pass? It’s basically something I’ve seen while out shopping but decided not to get (but will probably regret later.)

Years ago, my sister subscribed to Glamour magazine and I noticed illustrations every month that I loved! So when she was done with each issue I’d tear out all the pages that had illustrations on them and kept them in a folder. I loved the simples lines of each image, but that they still contained so much detail. The characters always looked like they were having so much fun! Most of the illustrations were in a section in the middle of each issue that was called “How To Do Anything Better Guide.” Durell Godfrey was the illustrator’s name. I enjoyed just looking at the illustrations, but also tried to mimic the style when sketching and drawing.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I decided to finally try to use Facebook a bit more and was looking up random people. I don’t know why, but Durell Godfrey’s name popped into my head so I typed it in the search and someone came up!  It’s such a unique name and figured it had to be the same person, but sent a message and asked. It was her! She was extremely friendly and nice. We exchanged a few messages and I learned more about her, and how she concentrates on photography now. Not only is she a great illustrator, but takes fantastic photos as well! Wow, I can’t tell you how excited I was! I had stared at all those pictures in that file folder for years and still have them to this day!

How To Do Anything Better Guide pages

The same week I found Durell on Facebook, I was out shopping and a top caught my eye. Totally not my style and maybe even a bit 80’s disco influenced. It had silver metallic tubes that gathered the straps on the front and the material was very slinky. I tried it on and it looked okay, but again…not my style. So I passed. I also saw a *very* 80s looking striped knit dress. I held it up and chuckled a little then put it back.

Ding! I decided to do illos of the top and dress, but try to do it in Durell’s style to keep that 80s vibe going.

80s top and dress illos

Oh, by the way, I’m still seeing those tops in the stores in tons of colors and made by different labels…but I still haven’t bought one…



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Recycled Jewelry? Sort of…

Although I do find components for jewelry at bead stores and big chain craft stores, I prefer to take apart existing jewelry and harvesting bits and pieces from them. It’s not that I’m consciously trying to be ‘green’ or anything– even though that is a plus–but more the fact that it can be more thrifty and provide more variety that way. I search the clearance jewelry sections at all types of stores, and garage sales are always a good bet. The best was the time I was doing a morning run through the neighborhood and ran past a garage sale. Some vintage jewelry caught my eye, so I ran home, grabbed some cash, ran back and nabbed the pieces!

So, here are some examples of earrings made with harvested components. Below are two earrings and one necklace I found at different stores:

harvested jewelry

Right now it’s great because the trend is necklaces with all sorts of different charms, beads, chains etc. These particular pieces weren’t too packed with different types components, but I’ll be ‘vulturizing’ other pieces I have soon…

This first pair or earrings used jump rings and silver discs, and I added some resin mixed with alcohol based dye to add a pop of color.

round silver discs with magenta accent

The next two pieces used silver leaf shapes harvested from a pair of very long, dangly earrings. For the blue pair, I used blue tinted resin and added a copper metallic glass bead.

blue leaf copper bead

The other leaf shaped earring has a combo of some amber colored tint in the resin with a tiny bit of metallic powder to add a bit more interest. I added a small silver oval charm that I took from a long necklace.

amber leaf and charm

Another plus:  pieces loaded with charms and other components means lots of jump rings of different sizes, and necklaces mean a clasp that can be used later on other bracelets or necklaces. Everything can be reused on something!


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