Silver Round Mustard Seed Pendant

Earlier this year, a friend of mine commissioned me to create a couple of mustard seed pendants to give as gifts. You can see them here. She liked the pendants so much that she asked if I could create another pendant to give as a birthday gift for her daughter!

For her daughter’s pendant, she requested that it be another round version, but with a silver metallic finish instead of the gold I had done originally.

Round Silver Mustard Seed Pendant front
It is basically the same design as the round gold pendant except I used components that matched the silver finish she requested. As usual, I harvest pieces and components from jewelry I already have on hand, or make them from wire. In this case I took a link off of a large silver chain and wrapped it with wire to create a bail.

Round Silver Mustard Seed Pendant text side

The pendant itself is polymer clay dusted with silver metallic powder. A channel was carved into the side of the pendant so that the text could be inlaid then encased in clear resin. This time I lined the bottom of the channel with white polymer clay so that the text would show more clearly once the resin was used.

A round hole was cut into the pendant then filled with clear resin in layers. This allowed me to float the single mustard seed inside the resin. Here are a couple more shots that show more angles.

Round Silver Mustard Seed Pendant front angle
Round Silver Mustard Seed Pendant back

I received an email from my friend the day after she gave her daughter the pendant. She said her daughter really loved it and thought it was extra special since her mom had come up with an idea for a special gift, and that she knew that I had actually handcrafted it especially for her. It felt great knowing that it held special meaning for her and that she really liked her birthday gift!


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Happy Fourth of July!

July 4 Domo

Domo seems to be more interested in the holiday food than in the holiday fireworks! Seems like he’s found somebody’s picnic basket and made off with their apple pie and hotdogs!

Maybe Domo can try to eat it all, but perhaps I should tell him both are sculpted from polymer clay! The pie tin is also polymer clay with some silver metallic pigment applied to the clay to give it the appearance of a metal pan. It’s a bit tough to see in the photo but the sculpted hotdog has glistening mustard which was achieved by applying acrylic sealant to the yellow polymer squiggle.

After Domo polishes off all that food, I’m sure he’ll be too sleepy to get into any more mischief and will probably just sit back and enjoy the fireworks!


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Steampunk post earrings #1

Steampunk posts earrings 1

Ever since I was a kid I loved the look of gears and the inner workings of machines. I didn’t even know what steampunk was back then, but I’d take apart broken watches and things that my parents were going to throw away anyway. I still have some watch parts I’ve kept all these years. I even have a bag of parts from an old adding machine!

For some reason, even though I have loose watch parts, I decided to cast some cog shapes myself. It does give more dimension to the piece. I took molds of some of the old adding machines parts I have and then used polymer clay to make the cogs. The cogs were then covered with metallic powder and cured. I added tinted resin to the middles them to give the appearance of cabochons or jewels dotting the center of each cog.

The thin chain has a small amber bead and a silver oval-shaped charm attached to the bottom. I prefer the earrings worn so that the chain hangs down from the side. Seems to give the cogs a sense of movement that way. Like the machinery is in motion! But it can be worn hanging straight down as well, since it is a simple post earring.

Here is another shot of the earrings taken in sunlight. It shows more of the metallic detail and the tinted resin a little better.
Steampunk posts earrings in sunlight

I look forward to creating more Steampunk inspired jewelry, and already have some in progress! Stay tuned!


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Layered earrings with chains and charms

Layered earrings with chains and charms front

Here are some earrings that are a little different, that I tried as an experiment. Instead of simply attaching a bowl-shaped piece onto a square shape and calling it a day, I decided to connect them together with wire and thread charms and chains to each end. I felt it would add more visual interest and give it much more movement.

I started out by creating square shapes in polymer clay and coating them with gold metallic powder. The bowl shapes were sculpted in translucent polymer clay and dusted with yellow-green metallic powder. A wire runs through both pieces. At the back of each earring is a single copper bead to anchor it, with a chain and circular charm hung between the copper bead and the back of the square piece. In between the square and bowl shape is another shorter piece of fine chain. To anchor the front of the wire inside the bowl shape is another copper bead. I decided to loop the end of the wire so I could dangle a tiny silver charm at the front of the piece.

Here is another shot of the earrings at a slight angle that better shows the different layers.

Layered earrings with chains and charms angle

I’m pleased with the results and will most likely try other pieces using this basic idea. They would most definitely be a good conversation piece when one wears them!

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Clear Resin Pendant with Aqua and Gold

A friend really liked the Tiny Clear Earrings With Aqua and Gold I had posted earlier, and asked if I had a pendant that went with the earrings. I didn’t have one, so I created a custom pendant for her to make up a set.

aqua and gold pendant front views

Here are a couple of photos of the front of the pendant. I included two shots since the lighting on the right image shows that the resin is actually clear. (too much glare in the outdoor shots!)

The rectangular piece is clear resin with tiny aqua glass beads and tiny gold beads floating inside. Instead of simply attaching a bail to the top of a resin, I decided to sculpt an asymmetric piece that covers one corner of the resin. I used polymer clay and embedded some wire at the top to act as a bail. Metallic powder was applied to give the clay an antiqued gold look, and finished it with some clear resin embellishments.

Here are some additional shots of the pendant from different angles:

aqua and gold pendant left

aqua and gold pendant right

aqua and gold pendant back

It was a bit of a challenge to create a snug fit between the resin and the corner piece, but well worth it to give it a different look. I hope she likes it!



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Kung Fu Cake Kick!

kung fu cake kick

Here’s another illo I did for a friend of mine who celebrated his birthday in April. He used to get his exercise by being trained in Kung Fu by Shaolin monks! Pretty impressive! So, I decided to combine the two and came up with a girl destroying a slice of birthday cake with one swift Kung Fu kick!

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Mustard Seed Pendants

Recently, a good friend of mine asked if I would create a pendant for her niece. The only thing she requested was that it contain a single mustard seed, and the text, “all things are possible.’ I wasn’t familiar with mustard seed pendants at all. She suggested I do a search online to see what is out there, but that she didn’t like any of them. She wanted me to create something unique and different.

round pendant angled view no text

I created this round version first. Originally I wanted to engrave the text, but found this extremely difficult on such a small piece. Reluctantly I had to cave and use printed text. The pendant was sculpted out of polymer clay and finished with a metallic powder. I dug out a channel on the side of the piece, inlaid the text then filled the channel with clear resin. The droplets on the front of the pendant are a combo of plain clear resin and some with resin mixed with a bit of metallic powder. I made the bail by using a link from a thick chain I had and wrapping it with some thinner wire to anchor it to the piece. The mustard seed is encased in clear resin inside a round hole that was cut through the entire piece.

Here are some other views:

round pendant angle text

round pendant front

round pendant back

After I finished sculpting the round pendant, I wasn’t quite sure I really felt confident in it. Another design popped into my head, so I created another pendant and decided I’d let my friend choose which she would like to give to her niece. This time I sculpted a rectangular shape with a metallic finish. Again I dug out a channel on the side of the piece, inlaid the text and encased it in clear resin. The mustard seed is also suspended in clear resin inside a round hole that runs through the piece. I embellished with a sculpted swirl and a single resin dot as an accent. The bail was created by taking a link from a chunky chain and secured with wire hidden inside the polymer clay.

square pendant front view

Here are a couple of other angles, showing the side with the inlaid text and the back of the piece.

square pendant angle text best

square pendant back angle

When it came time to show my friend the results, surprisingly she loved both and asked if she could take them all! She gave the round pendant to her niece and kept the rectangular pendant for herself. I felt very flattered by how excited she was with both of them (and a bit relieved.) She has even commissioned me for a couple more of them! Pretty cool!


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March Madness

When March came around this year, I realized that I know a lot of people celebrating their birthdays that month. So, since I finally have a Wacom tablet that works properly, I decided to do birthday illos for some of them!

Happy Birthday Robot

I have been catching myself doodling a lot of robots lately, so I did this illo of a robot lighting up a birthday cake for a good friend of mine.

Happy Birthday Cupcake

This illo was for one of my guy friends. I wanted to do something a little cheeky, so I got the idea of a pole dancer swinging around an extraordinarily large cupcake candle.

Happy Birthday Anna's Perfect Man

This illo comprises the perfect guy for another good friend of mine. She loves the fruit tarts they sell at Vons grocery stores, loves wine (especially reds) and loves very thin, yet semi-muscular guys! So, I put them all together for her! She can pull a Praying Mantis with this guy!

I had a lot of fun creating these illos for my friends and am really enjoying the Wacom tablet! I hope my friends enjoyed these kind of bizarre images, but I think they expect that from me at this point.



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Ledge Earring Tests

Here are a couple of new earrings I created which have a sort of ledge on the front where resin was applied.

gold rounded rectangle earrings with resin ledge

This first pair are tiny rounded rectangles with an antiqued gold effect on them. The resin filling the ledge on the front is mixed with a bit of green metallic powder to give it a bit of shimmer.

gunmetal circle earring with resin ledge

The round pair above have a gunmetal grey metallic finish as the base with half circle antiqued copper metallic finish on top. The ledge on this pair is filled with resin tinted green with alcohol pigment. It’s a little hard to tell it’s green but the resin is extremely shiny, which catches the light really well. A single copper bead connects it all to the earring wire.

I like the effect of the resin sitting on a ledge in the clay, so I’ll definitely be trying out other variations in the near future.

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Happy Easter

Easter Domo

Domo is helping out the Easter Bunny this year, but it looks like he has some company!

This is the same Domo I originally sculpted out of polymer clay for my little Christmas tree.  His basket and eggs are also sculpted from polymer clay. The chicks were all found at a discount store. Not sure what one would do with these chicks, but I seem to have found use for them.

Now that all those chicks have discovered Domo, he’s going to have a lot of trouble hiding those eggs!



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